Southbourne Bowls Club (Founded 1920)
56 New Road, Southbourne, Emsworth, Hants. PO10 8JX. Tel 01243 372128
Affiliated to: Bowls England, Sussex County Bowls, ESMBA, W.S.C.S.M.B.A.


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Calendar of Events - Short Mat
Sun 17.9.17   W'Gate ICC (Prem) v East Sussex
(A) v East Sussex
Sat 23.9.17   Away ICC (A) v Surrey  
Sun 24.9.17   Away ICC
Inter County
(Prem) v Wiltshire
(B) v London
Thu 28.9.17 19.00 Away Rovers Bognor Goodwoods Silver Lost 59 shots to 19 (0pt)
Sun 1.10.17 14.00 Home Rovers Midhurst Eagles Lost 45 shots to 33 (1pt)
Sun 8.10.17   W'Gate ICC (Prem) v Wiltshire
(A) v Surrey
Wed 11.10.17 18.30 Away Rovers Walberton Lost 37 shots to 32 (1pt)
Sat 14.10.17 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA  County Triples  
Sun 15.10.17 14.00 Home Rangers Norfolk Lions Won 49 shots to 32 (6pts)
Sat 21.10.17   Away ICC (Prem) v East Sussex  
Sat 21.10.17   W'Gate Inter County (B) v London  
Sun 22.10.17   Away ICC (A) v East Sussex  
Sat 28.10.17   W'Gate ICC
Inter County
(A) v London
(B) v Kent
Sun 29.10.17 14.00 Away Rangers Cup Comptons  
Sun 29.10.17 14.00 Home Rovers Cup Downsman  
Sat 4.11.17 14.00 Away Rangers Horley Hawks  
Sun 5.11.17   W'Gate ICC (Prem) v Hampshire
(A) v Kent
Mon 6.11.17 19.00 Away Rovers Nytimber Bears  
Sat 11.11.17 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA Open Over 60's Pairs  
Sun 12.11.17 14.00 Home Rangers West Chiltington  
Tue 14.11.17 19.00 Home Rangers Arundel Mullets  
Sat 18.11.17 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA  County Fours  
Sat 25.11.17 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA  County Ch. of Champions  
Sat 25.11.17   W'Gate ESMBA Nat. Over 55's Pairs Qual  
Sun 26.11.17   Away ICC (Prem) v Hampshire
(A) v Kent
Tue 28.11.17 19.00 Home Rovers Arundel Swallows  
Sat 2.12.17   W'Gate ESMBA Nat. Singles Qual  
Sun 3.12.17   U. B'ding ESMBA Nat. Mixed Fours Qual  
    ICC Rinks Qual (Prem) & (A) Venue TBC
Tue 12.12.17 19.00 Home Rovers Nytimber Bears  
Sat 16.12.17   W'Gate ESMBA Nat. Triples & Fours Qual  
Sat 16.12.17   W'Gate Inter County (B) v Surrey  
Tue 19.12.17 19.00 Home   Xmas  Buffet  
Sat 6.1.18   W'Gate ESMBA Nat. Pairs Qual  
Sun 7.1.18   Away ICC (A) v London  
Sat 13.1.18 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA  County Pairs  
Wed 17.1.18 19.00 Away Rangers Norfolk Lions  
Sat 20.1.18 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA  Open Over 60's Triples  
Sun 21.1.18 14.30 Away Rangers West Chiltington  
Sat 27.1.18   Away Inter County (B) v Surrey  
  Daventry ICC Rinks Finals (Prem) & (A)  
    ICC KO Prelims (Prem) & (A) Venue TBC
Tue 6.2.18 19.00 Home Rovers Nytimber Bears  
Sat 10.2.18   Away Inter County (B) v East Sussex  
  Daventry ICC KO Q/F (A) Team  
  Daventry ICC KO Q/F (Prem) Team  
Tue 20.2.18 19.00 Away Rangers Arundel Mullets  
Sat 24.2.18 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA Warman Mixed Pairs  
Sun 25.2.18 14.00 Home Rangers Comptons  
Sun 25.2.18   Away Inter County (B) v Kent  
Sat 3.3.18   W'Gate Inter County (B) v East Sussex  
  Daventry ICC KO S/F (Prem) & (A) Teams  
Mon 5.3.18 19.00 Away Rovers Nytimber Lions  
Sat 10.3.18   Away Triples Shield (A & B) v Kent  
Sun 11.3.18   Daventry ICC KO Final (Prem) & (A) Teams  
Tue 13.3.18 19.00 Home Rovers Walberton  
Fri 16.3.18 19.00 Away Rovers Arundel Swallows  
Sat 17.3.18 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA  County Singles  
Sun 18.3.18 14.00 Home Rangers Horley Hawks  
Sat 24.3.18   W'Gate League Cup Semi-Finals & Finals  
Sun 25.3.18 14.00 Away Rangers Comptons  
Sun 25.3.18 14.00 Away Rovers Midhurst Eagles  
Sat 7.4.18 09.00 W'Gate WSCSMBA Open Charity Fours  
  Tamworth ESMBA Nat. Mixed Fours Finals  
Sun 8.4.18   Tamworth ESMBA Nat. Over 55's Pairs Finals
Nat. Under 18's Finals
Sun 8.4.18 14.00 Home Rovers Bognor Goodwoods Silver  
Tue 10.4.18 19.00 Home   End of Season Buffet  
Thu 12.4.18   M.  M'bray ESMBA Nat. Singles Finals  
Fri 13.4.18   M.  M'bray ESMBA Nat. Pairs Finals  
Sat 14.4.18 M.  M'bray ESMBA Nat. Fours Finals  
Sun 15.4.18   M.  M'bray ESMBA Nat. Triples Finals  
Sat 14.4.18   W'Gate WSCSMBA County Trials  

Calendar of Events - Outdoor

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