Southbourne Bowls Club (Founded 1920)
56 New Road, Southbourne, Emsworth, Hants. PO10 8JX. Tel 01243 372128
Affiliated to: Bowls England, Sussex County Bowls, ESMBA, W.S.C.S.M.B.A.


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Quick View Book A Rink     PDF Instructions

View Rink Availability (view all bookings only)
- Click on the 'Quick View' button above (no password required).
- Select Resource (Rink 1 - 6)  to view availability over next 14 days (options 1, 7, 14, 21 or 28 days)

Book A Rink (make, change or delete your bookings)
- Click on the 'Book A Rink' button above.
- Enter Username & Password on the 'SBC Rink Booking' log on page.

Booking a Rink
- The Bookings sheet should already be displayed. If not, click on 'Schedule' and select 'Bookings'.
- Navigate around the displayed calendar to find Date & Time of required booking (use green arrows to change week).
- The availability of all six rinks is shown. A white square indicates that a particular rink is available. A pink square indicate that a particular rink is not available.
- Click on the white square of your choice to bring up the 'New Reservation' page.
- Tick the ‘I understand all Green usage restrictions’ checkbox to agree compliance.
- Click on the 'Create' button to make your booking. A reservation successful or reservation could not be made message (with reasons) is displayed.

Cancelling a booking (you can only cancel your own bookings)
- Click on the booking you wish to cancel.
- Click on the 'More' button and select 'Delete'. Press 'Delete' in the pop up box to confirm.

Notes on altering your Account profile & Password
- I have generated a dummy email address for your account which should not be altered (your privacy).
- I have only used your initials for the booking sheet rather than your full name (your privacy). You may change this at your discretion.
- I have generated an initial Password for your account which you can change if you require.

General Notes
- New accounts for Members can be requested by contacting the System Administrator.
- The ‘I Forgot My Password’ routine on the Log In page will not function correctly. Please contact the System Administrator who can reset the password for you.

System Administrator
- Dave Alner
- Tel:
- Email: